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The Sevamor Survivors

  • Ambre - Ecaflip -
  • Chevrotain - Eniripsa -
  • Cadian - Enutrof -
  • Naphaire - Feca -
  • Baff - Iop -
  • Gnon - Pandawa -
  • Fatboyslim - Masqueraider -
  • Sylphide - Sram -
  • Barota - Xelor -
  • Khalix - Sram -


Born of an unexpected love-at-first-sight moment between a Gobbowl fan and a charismatic female Sram, this team certainly have a spark about them. Sevamor is a team with great potential… for doing well on the comedy circuit. A ragtag bunch of Gobbowl fans, they know everything there is to know about the game – on paper, at least. They have yet to show their worth on the pitch, but they intend to make their mark on Gobbowl legend. Let’s hope they don’t have the rug pulled out from under their feet. It’s up to you to take them in hand and silence the doubters.

They’re very agile, which isn’t surprising, given their average age.
They’re incapable of passing the ball correctly.