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Gobbowl is a free-to-play, online strategic sport simulation. Requiring no installation, it features a unique, simultaneous turn-based gameplay system. Set in the worlds of DOFUS and WAKFU, players can choose any of the of the 14 available character classes to join their Gobbowl team. Each player will be able to demonstrate their talents as a coach by sending their team to compete in epic matches around the world!


Relive the thrill of the high-octane sport from the eponymous episodes of WAKFU – The Animated Series!

Gobbowl is a simultaneous turn-based strategy game that pits two players against each other, and is playable from a web browser. Set in the world of DOFUS and WAKFU, this American football-themed game will see the two opponents showing off their tactical skills.

Simultaneous turn-based gameplay

Both players assign orders to their Gobbowlers at the same time, and so see the results immediately!

A game that can be played anywhere

There’s no client to install, and all information is stored on a remote server. Access your team and find a game wherever you are.

Develop your own playing style

Choose one of the many predefined teams or create a team from scratch, selecting your players from the 14 character classes available in DOFUS and WAKFU.

Varied game environments

Each arena has its own specific rules.

A permanent tournament system

Have you got what it takes to become the Gobbowl World Champion? Every match changes your ranking, and special events will allow you to progress even faster!