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Sadidas are close to nature, and nature is good to them. As a result, they’re pretty solid, they move across the pitch with confidence, and above all else they can draw from the earth to heal themselves, and their teammates. So even though they look more like badly trimmed shrubs, they’re a welcome addition to most Gobbowl teams.

They’re not beasts in battle, but Sadidas are strong, and they run well. This makes them perfect wingers who can outflank clumsy blockers easily. In defence, their ability to increase the regeneration rate of each Gobbowler makes their own team much stronger and more difficult to break down.
Because of the plant-like aspect of their personalities, Sadidas lack reflexes. Have you ever seen a tree dodge an axe blow? If you have, you must be a Pandawa. If you haven’t, you’ll understand why Sadidas are so concerned about taking a punch.