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-50% on your Gobbowler Hero!
Want to be Kriss Krass on the field? Goultard the Barbarian or the Masked Gobbowler ? Not only is it possible but from the 12th to the 21th of April, it’s -50%! This time, before putting on your Gobbowl studs, Don’t forget to recruit!
You’ve got the basics…
A strategy that proved itself many times, a team that rocks, increasing statistics and lots of victories under your belt!
There is only one thing you need: a bit of style !
That’s right, you’ll need presence! The kind of notorietythat will make the knees of your opponents shake each time they see your team’s name on the Board… But to do that you need legendary Gobbowler, names that resonnate through every stadium and forge a Gobbowl legend!
Everyone into the draft pool!
Kriss Krass, Kabrok, Masked Gobbowler, Jack Chaferton, Evangelyne, Ruel Stroud and even Goultard the Barbarian are available for your team half-priced!
Beware! This limited offer will end the 21th of April !
Get your first round picks!