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The Kwismas Gobbowl Tournament: did you qualify?
2011-12-30 11:15 8
The Kwismas Gobbowl Tournament was tougher than any of us expected. Lot of teams executed their strategies perfectly and scored thousands of Touchdowns, but plenty more Gobbowlers were defeated on the way to victory. It seems that everyone wanted to win the lifetime subscription to DOFUS. Would you like to know if you have qualified?

Congratulations to:


- Badousse01 (TU)

- Stephanegrego (FR)

- Zeypo (FR)

- Jocherd (CH)

- Ferrarivict (FR)

- Luffydnatsu (FR)

- Poke-gto (FR)

- Vegeta25 (FR)

- Just-do-it (CO)

- Le-Gustin (FR)

- AcrAlbertoAcr (ES)

- Jardynes (FR)

- Mundiana (AR)

- Calfoum (FR)

- Benkills (FR)

- Ludvika (AR)

- Yamermane (FR)

- Pepetriplehp (CO)

- Sangriario (ES)

- Ehfeiv (CO)

- Monky-d-lufy (MA)

- Ca4uet95 (FR)

- Killerofshadowz (BE)

- Bik-bik (FR)

- ZeaKeyLay (MA)

- Sarkoma (CO)

- Ts-Azuria (FR)

- JDhark (FR)

- Leandrooooojaja (CH)

- Pequiwabbit (CO)

- Immo-Fecaa (MA)

- Efex (AR)

You already know that Gobbowkens can be exchanged in DOFUS shops for spell scrolls, candy and various other items, right? But the only way to win the most valuable reward (and yes, we are talking about the lifetime subscription to DOFUS), is by winning the Kwismas Gobbowl Tournament!

Things aren’t over yet… You can still train and play against other players!

I want to play!

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leatherguy 31 December 2011 - 18:26
I know they're trying to get people to play their new game by offering something that people WANT (dofus p2p) but I completed the gobbowl tutorial and really didn't like it at all, not even enough to try to compete for dofus p2p. I didn't want to put that much effort into a game I dont want to play when I know other people might like it an be trying harder or be better than me, so I know I couldnt win. Lets have a DOFUS contest with a lifetime subscription prize! Or... make another game that's better than gobbowl and try again...
dominicanpridie 31 December 2011 - 17:27
Seriously Dofus' tournaments/competitions favor certain people more then others and
i'm sure normal users would like those prizes but id rather take a hammer to the face then play gobbowl. Ether way i wouldn't win so in the end i could care less.
dave93 31 December 2011 - 10:55
No NL NL FOR LIFE!!!!! ^^
loloololollllooooollll 31 December 2011 - 03:38
Eddiedude 31 December 2011 - 01:21
Not a single EN person. At least they had the brains to think that a lifetime subscription would not give them subscription pets/livis.. or at least that's what I think :x
Super-Gamerman 30 December 2011 - 19:16
Nice game, but i cant b bothered to spend 700 ogrines on it when i could get weeks p2p.
Tuckers 30 December 2011 - 17:42
The prices may be awesome. But the game really sucks.
ninpomaster 30 December 2011 - 14:52