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So you've been dreaming about winning prizes that you can use in Gobbowl? Starting April 25, you'll be able to win an exclusive stadium and character by participating in a new tournament!
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Want to be Kriss Krass on the field? Goultard the Barbarian or the Masked Gobbowler ? Not only is it possible but from the 12th to the 21th of April, it’s -50%! This time, before putting on your Gobbowl studs, Don’t forget to recruit!
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You came, you saw, you worked hard on your strategy. You fought… and lost. But you should be really proud of yourself; you defeated lots of teams on your way to victory! Now it’s time to announce the master of masters, and find out who has won the most valuable prize of all time. Who has won the lifetime subscription to DOFUS?

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The Kwismas Gobbowl Tournament was tougher than any of us expected. Lot of teams executed their strategies perfectly and scored thousands of Touchdowns, but plenty more Gobbowlers were defeated on the way to victory. It seems that everyone wanted to win the lifetime subscription to DOFUS. Would you like to know if you have qualified?

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Today, learn everything about all the wonderful contests running for the international community and about the upcoming WAKFU Update that includes the very feared character wipe!

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Get ready for the most exciting Gobbowl tournament! You are really going to have fun!

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Today's podcast couldn't be more exclusive! We have got news for you that you won't find anywhere else! A special Gobbowl Tournament, the lucky winners of the WAKFU subscriptions - everything is in Inside Ankama On Air!

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You don´t want to miss it, do you? The first official Gobbowl tournament starts tomorrow from 18:00 to 00:00 (12:00 -18:00 UTC-5). Be the first champion in the history of Gobbowl!

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Patch 1.0.9 announces Kwismas in the stadiums and Gobbowl NPCs in DOFUS!

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Gobbowlers in DOFUS?
2011-12-13 14:43

The adventurers of DOFUS have been getting worried… New, seemingly unfriendly NPCs have been seen around the stadiums of Bonta and Brakmar. Apparently, they’ve got a kind of black market going, selling sought-after items. But the only thing they’ll take in exchange is an unknown currency with a strange name… Gobbowkens.

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